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Don’t Wait

I believe in the power of words. Words can help and heal or they can hurt and harass. It’s up to us which one they do. On Sunday, the lesson in the middle school service was about the power of words to help and encourage other people. It’s an important lesson for all of us. … Continue reading »

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The Words We Say to Ourselves Matter

My older daughter came home from school the other day and said something about being in the “stupid” math class. “What?” I asked. “Why do you call it that?” “Because it’s not the smart math class. Everyone calls it that.” My daughter is in 7th grade and is taking pre-algebra. Definitely not “stupid math.” The … Continue reading »

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Your Words Have Power

My older daughter had a rough day on Saturday. It was so bad that she dubbed it “National Pick on Me Day.” Two incidents in that day reminded me of the power that our words have over our kids. As she was practicing her trumpet for a playing test she has today, she was struggling … Continue reading »

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Your Kids Are Listening

My older daughter got in the car after soccer camp yesterday and announced, “I made some new friends.” It took a minute for my brain to process those words. Those words might not seem unusual to some of you, but my older daughter is often painfully shy in large groups. She generally sits back and … Continue reading »

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You Play Like You Practice

All summer long around here we’ve been talking about words. We’ve been working on tone of voice. We’ve been trying to change the tone of the conversation in our house. I’ve tried sending the girls outside when they can’t speak nicely to one another. I’ve sent them to separate rooms. I’ve talked until I’m blue … Continue reading »

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Rejoicing Over Progress

My younger daughter said something mean to her sister the other day — and immediately apologized for it. It was a true, contrite apology. It wasn’t prompted by me. It wasn’t given grudgingly. It was an immediate recognition that what she had done was wrong and she needed to apologize. I was stunned. I looked around … Continue reading »

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Day 11: Dealing with Words

Every summer, my girls and I spend a lot of time together. During the school year, the girls are gone most of the day. Our afternoons and evenings are often filled with activities and sports. The time we spend at home during the school year is pretty small compared with the time we spend at … Continue reading »

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My First Job is Mom

My older daughter came through the front door yesterday afternoon. She looked awful. Pale skin. Tired eyes. She collapsed in the chair. “I don’t feel good.” Out comes the thermometer. I was sure she was going to be burning up. She looked that bad. No fever. No runny nose. Just a vague complaint of an … Continue reading »

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When Words Wound

Yesterday, we talked about helping our kids to understand the power of words. Today, we’re looking at the other side of the coin. What do we do when someone else’s words hurt our kids? The screen door slams. A child stands in the entryway, shoulders slumped, defeat showing in every line of her posture. Tears … Continue reading »

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Golden Apples in a Silver Bowl

I was taking the girls to their various practices last night, when my younger daughter found her take-home sheet from church in the car. She picked it up and read, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” “That’s a lie,” said my older daughter. “Sometimes words can hurt more … Continue reading »

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