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Tagged With: raising kids

Works in Progress

I started painting my kitchen about a month ago. Then, life happened. My daughter got injured. We had a rash of illnesses. The weekends got full of soccer and hockey. I got swamped with work. So the kitchen sits unfinished with three walls done and many more to go. It’s going to look great when … Continue reading »

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You Can’t Quit

We’ve had three days in a row of frustration and tears when it’s time to do math. I don’t know why my younger daughter gets in a mood when it’s time to do math, but it’s wearing on both of us. Yesterday, I was trying to get her to finish her math before we went … Continue reading »

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A Fish Story

I have a confession to make. I almost killed George. I got up yesterday morning, let the dog out and took a peek at George. Instead of swimming happily around his tank, his little golden body was lethargically floating near the bottom of his tank. Even food pellets couldn’t entice his usually swift golden self … Continue reading »

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What If?

As I was out walking the other day, I started thinking about how much my girls have grown and how big they are getting. Suddenly, it struck me that in six years, my older daughter will be 18. I’ve spent the past few days thinking a lot about those six years and what I want … Continue reading »

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Why Conflict Isn’t a Bad Thing

Welcome to the series No More “Nice” Kids. This week, we’re looking at why raising “nice” kids isn’t the same as raising kids who have Godly character. If you missed the beginning of this series, you can find it here. Like any tween girls, my daughters find themselves in the middle of their fair share … Continue reading »

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Letting Go of Expectations

This parenting thing is often not what I expect it to be. Every day is a new surprise. Some days it’s my children finding new ways to frustrate me. Some days it’s watching my children grow in ways I never expected. Some days it’s finding myself learning things I never thought I’d learn. It’s not … Continue reading »

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It’s Not About Rules

This weekend my cousin’s wife and I were talking about our kids. We both have a child who requires explicit instructions on what to do with no room for loopholes. We talked about how hard we had to think when telling those kids to do something or not do something so that we leave no … Continue reading »

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First Friday: A Tangle of Pink and Blue

The cool air carried a tangle of pink and blue balloons above me.  The scent of flowers filled the air.  And the squeals of my one-year-old broke my momentary oblivion to what was happening around me. A few hours before, with rain beating against our windows, we had written words of love on those same … Continue reading »

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