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When Sports Overwhelm

My girls both play sports competitively. It means we spend a lot of time and money for them to play. And that’s fine. It’s a choice we’ve made to let our girls follow their passions. But there comes a moment when we have to say enough is enough. We reached that point this summer. My … Continue reading »

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Getting Ready for Summer

Today is our first official day of summer. My girls finished school on Thursday, but this is the first day we’ve been home since then. Usually by now, I have our whole summer mapped out. I know what behaviors and attitudes I want to focus on. I know what activities we’re going to do. I … Continue reading »

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What’s Your Normal?

We’re on our third day off from school this week because of snow and extreme cold. I have to tell you, I’m ready for things to return to normal. But as a I think about normal, I’m reminded that our family’s normal is not the same as another family’s. We’ve been having this conversation with … Continue reading »

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Let’s Have the Best Summer Ever

The calendar says summer starts on June 20, but around here, May 24 marks the day. As far as my kids are concerned, it’s the first day of sleeping in, trips to the pool, playing outside with friends and having fun. As a parent, it’s easy to view summer as a long stretch of days … Continue reading »

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Stepping Back

My youngest daughter got checked in hockey practice the other night. For those of you who are not hockey fans, a check is when one person uses their body to smash the other person into the boards. The kid was about 6 inches taller than her and outweighed her by at least 20 pounds. And … Continue reading »

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Memory Monday: Training Pays Off (Proverbs 22:6)

My youngest daughter’s team lost its hockey game this weekend by one goal. (Yes, we’re still playing hockey in May). Her team outplayed the other team and really should have won. But they didn’t because their goalie is just learning to play hockey. I think hockey is one of the toughest sports to play. After … Continue reading »

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