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You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

My younger daughter is playing on a girls’ hockey team in Minnesota this summer. No, we don’t live in Minnesota. As a matter of fact, we live about 7 hours from Minnesota. We had some really good reasons for letting her play in Minnesota this summer. It was only seven weekends. My parents were willing … Continue reading »

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Signs of Progress

Yesterday, I spent some time with my younger daughter. We went shopping for some school supplies and ran some other errands. We had a rousing discussion about the most underrated player in the National Hockey League (these are the intimate discussions you have with a 10-year-old who is obsessed with hockey) and some interesting conversation … Continue reading »

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Memory Monday: Saying No (for now) to the Hunger Games (Proverbs 4:2)

I made my 10-year-old really mad last week. She’s been asking to read The Hunger Games. Nearly everyone in her grade has read it, and she feels like she’s missing out. Until last week, I had not read The Hunger Games. From what I had heard about the books, I didn’t think they were appropriate … Continue reading »

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Choose Your Battles Wisely

I took my girls shopping for spring clothes yesterday. It took us five hours, and we got everything on our list except for pajamas for my oldest. Taking my girls shopping together is an experience. They have polar opposite opinions about what they want to wear. For my youngest, the more sparkles and bling, the … Continue reading »

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