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You Don’t Have to Love Every Minute

The past couple of weeks have not been my finest weeks as a mom. It’s the end of a long school year. As the primary teacher for my 11-year-old, I’m ready for the year to be over. I’m done with school projects for my older one. I’m really not interested in fixing one more lunch, … Continue reading »

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3 Things That Matter Most in Parenting

I took my older daughter to St. Louis this weekend for a soccer tournament. Her team lost the game that decided who would go to the finals. After two great games, they really didn’t play well in the last game. I took home a frustrated and sore young lady. As we were making the four-hour … Continue reading »

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The Power of Laughter

Everyone was a little tired and grumpy around here yesterday. It was hot. We had had a sleepover the night before. I was tired, and the girls were tired. As it usually does, the tired and grumpies led to quite a bit of bickering between my girls. After finishing up some work and chores, all … Continue reading »

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Day 5: Laughter

Welcome to Being Thankful for the Little Things, our annual November Thanksgiving family devotional series. This year, we’re focusing on being thankful for the little stuff, the things we often take for granted. Each devotional is meant to be read as a family. At the end of each devotional, you’ll find a journaling prompt (you … Continue reading »

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Creating a Joyful Home

We have had more drama around here this week than should be allowed in a 72-hour span. From failed math tests to testing limits to the dog deciding to scatter the full kitchen trash can all over my living room, we’ve had plenty of frustration. We’ve shed enough tears this week to sink the Titanic. … Continue reading »

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Mired in the Muck of Mommyhood

Just. Go. To. Sleep. That was my thought and my prayer about 9 last night as my daughters argued about whether the bathroom light should be on or off. It has been a long, long afternoon and evening. One daughter came home distraught over a bad grade on a test. The other daughter was frustrated … Continue reading »

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Let Me Be Singing When the Evening Comes

Yesterday, I planned a water balloon fight for my girls with some of the neighbor girls. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s hot. We’re at that point in the summer where the lack of routine is beginning to get to everyone. What I failed to consider was the excitement of waiting … Continue reading »

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Tell Your Kids They’re Beautiful

We went to the orthodontist last week for a consult. All through the appointment, my daughter told anyone who would listen that she didn’t want braces. I knew she wasn’t a fan of the idea, but somehow I had missed the clues that she was really upset about the idea. We got in the car … Continue reading »

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Take Time for Thanksgiving

It’s Nov. 1, the unofficial start of the holiday season. Some radio stations start playing Christmas music today. Stores will begin inundating us with Christmas sales flyers. We’ll begin making plans for spending Christmas with friends and family. Our calendars will quickly begin to fill up. And somewhere in all this hustle and bustle, we’ll … Continue reading »

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Memory Monday: Turning Chores Into Joy

I hate cooking dinner. Oh, I don’t mind the actual cooking part. I just hate being responsible for making a meal every night that is nutritious and everyone in my family will eat. Squeezing that meal into a time slot that means we can all sit down together is another challenge in the cooking dinner … Continue reading »

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