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Choosing the Right Attitude (Dinner Discussions)

“People have moods, you know,” announced my younger daughter yesterday as I gently reminded her to choose a better attitude. “Yep, they do,” I thought, “and you are certainly in one.” We’re working hard on attitude around here, and what I’ve discovered in the process is that our attitude is a choice. We can choose … Continue reading »

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Making Your Kids Mad

Everyone else was gone, and I was still waiting for my daughter to come out of the locker room after hockey practice last night. I finally went looking for her. I found her with her nose pressed to the glass, watching the travel team, which included many of her teammates from the past two seasons, … Continue reading »

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July Dinner Discussions

I’m sitting in my newly rearranged living room. I got a new desk and bookshelf yesterday, and I love it. In the past month, we’ve bought more furniture than we’ve bought in the entire 16 years we’ve been married. Up until this point, we’ve made do with a lot of hand-me downs and discount store … Continue reading »

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Strategies for Teaching Contentment

The gift shop was closed. We had spent a fun day at an exotic animal farm bed and breakfast in central Kansas (I know, it’s an odd place for exotic animals). We had fed giraffes, petted kangaroos, heard a macaw say hello and ridden a camel. But all of that enjoyment was sucked away because … Continue reading »

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Being Content With What You Have

A bigger house. A newer car. Nicer clothes. More vacations. These are the longings of many of our hearts. We look around and we see what our friends and neighbors have. And we want more. We want what they have. We want to be thinner, smarter, better looking and younger. We want what we don’t … Continue reading »

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Contentment is Learned

I remember when my kids took those first steps. After weeks of holding their hands and encouraging them to walk, they finally took that first toddling step on their own. I also remember teaching them to ride a bike and how to read. I could teach them those things because I knew how to do … Continue reading »

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What is Contentment?

My 9-year-old daughter sat on the couch, reading the books she had bought yesterday. She was enjoying the bargain book “Extreme Deadly Creatures.” (Yes, we have some interesting reading taste in our house.) She was perfectly content — until her older sister decided to count her money. This led to a comparison of how much … Continue reading »

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Learning to Be Content Series

We’re having vacation envy around our house. My girls’ best friends just found out they’re going to Orlando to go to Universal Studios in the fall, and my girls (and I) are struggling with jealousy. It’s not that we haven’t been to Orlando. We have. We’ve just never been to Universal Studios. And it’s been … Continue reading »

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The Danger of Comparison

My younger daughter has in inflated sense of justice. She always wants everything to be “fair.” If she thinks something isn’t fair, she’ll be sure to let you know. Last night, she and her sister were cleaning up the kitchen, and she was bemoaning the fact that she had more jobs than her sister. This … Continue reading »

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Joy Busters

I was tempted this morning not to finish out this short series on joy and contentment. It’s not been the best week with a sore body and a wrecked car. On top of that several things have broken, my kids have been at each others’ throats because we’ve been stuck at home and I’ve struggled … Continue reading »

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