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Be Persistent in Teaching

My older daughter had a soccer game last night. It had been a busy couple of days for everyone, and my younger daughter was less than enamored with the idea of finishing the weekend at her sister’s soccer game. We had all been up late several nights in a row after a couple of days … Continue reading »

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Focus on the Shots You Stop

My younger daughter played in a hockey tournament this weekend. Her team made it to the championship game. They were leading, but then the other team got three goals in a very short span of time. The goalie on my daughter’s team was visibly upset and having a hard time getting his head back in … Continue reading »

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You’re Not a Perfect Parent — And That’s OK

Since I became a parent 12 1/2 years ago, I’ve had to make a lot of decisions. Some I knew were coming. Some I never dreamed I would have to make. Some I got right. Some I got wrong. And some the jury is still out on. We all have to make some tough decisions … Continue reading »

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Letting God Work in Our Kids

My older daughter had an abysmal school year last year. The transition to middle school was much harder than we thought it would be. The switch from one soccer team to another turned out to be a terrible decision. She lost her confidence and her spirit. This summer, though, we made some changes. We switched … Continue reading »

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Building Character Takes Time

I never thought I’d say this, but those toddler days were easier than this. Oh, the toddler days were more exhausting, and I definitely had to be on my toes constantly, but saying no was easier and turning behavior around wasn’t as difficult. These days, it feels like I’m constantly talking to one child or … Continue reading »

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Tough Question Monday

Did Jesus really do miracles? How do I know the Bible is true? What if we’re wrong and there is no heaven? Is Jesus really coming back? These are all questions I’ve been asked by 9-year-old in the last two months. She’s my kid who has to examine everything. She has to understand it all … Continue reading »

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Being a Mom is Always Worth It

I’d like a do-over on the first few days of 2013. I started off the year sick with a nasty head cold. It’s been a long time since I pretty much did nothing all day, but that’s what I’ve done for the past two days. Then, last night, just as I was beginning to feel … Continue reading »

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Parenting is Like Building Legos

1,254 tiny, hop-on-one-foot-when-you-step-on-them-in-the-middle-of-the-night pieces. That’s six bags and two instruction books worth of Legos. It’s more than six hours of sitting cross-legged on the floor with the 9-year-old who just wants her Millennium Falcon to be done. It’s an aching back and a happy daughter. As I spent my Christmas afternoon engrossed in figuring out … Continue reading »

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It’s Not About Rules

This weekend my cousin’s wife and I were talking about our kids. We both have a child who requires explicit instructions on what to do with no room for loopholes. We talked about how hard we had to think when telling those kids to do something or not do something so that we leave no … Continue reading »

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When Your Best Isn’t Enough

We’ve just about finished a huge basement remodel. We’ve been working at it on and off for five years, but we needed to have it finished by this Friday. My extended family is coming for a visit, and we need the sleeping space. We’ve done all the work ourselves, from putting in the studs to … Continue reading »

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