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Don’t Wait

I believe in the power of words. Words can help and heal or they can hurt and harass. It’s up to us which one they do. On Sunday, the lesson in the middle school service was about the power of words to help and encourage other people. It’s an important lesson for all of us. … Continue reading »

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Dealing with Mean Words

This video came across my Facebook feed yesterday: For those of you who aren’t science fiction nerds, Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation in the ’90s. He gave this answer at a Comicon gathering, which is a large convention for lovers of all things SciFi. The answer he gave to … Continue reading »

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The Words We Say to Ourselves Matter

My older daughter came home from school the other day and said something about being in the “stupid” math class. “What?” I asked. “Why do you call it that?” “Because it’s not the smart math class. Everyone calls it that.” My daughter is in 7th grade and is taking pre-algebra. Definitely not “stupid math.” The … Continue reading »

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Your Words Have Power

My older daughter had a rough day on Saturday. It was so bad that she dubbed it “National Pick on Me Day.” Two incidents in that day reminded me of the power that our words have over our kids. As she was practicing her trumpet for a playing test she has today, she was struggling … Continue reading »

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Are You Oversharing?

My younger daughter wanted to tell me something yesterday. She started her sentence with “Don’t put this on your blog or anything…” I had to smile. Because I blog, my mind often runs on two tracks — a mom track and a blog track. When my kids do or say something, my blogger brain will … Continue reading »

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Silence in the Backseat

We pulled out of the orthodontist’s parking lot, and it started — again. From the backseat came the sounds of two sisters who were doing their best to convince me that they hated each other. Nitpicking and sniping over the littlest things. So, I did it. I pulled the car over. Despite many threats, I’ve … Continue reading »

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3 Ways to Teach Your Kids That Their Words Matter

I’m taking a blogging day off today. Enjoy this post from the archives about the importance of choosing our words wisely. I was taking the girls to their various practices last night, when my younger daughter found her take-home sheet from church in the car. She picked it up and read, “Sticks and stones may … Continue reading »

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Just Stop

I watched a lot of hockey this past weekend at my daughter’s tournament. In one game, the other team had little stop signs on the backs of their jerseys, just above where their name should go. That stop sign is there for a reason. It’s a visual reminder to the other kids on the ice … Continue reading »

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Fixing a Mistake

I did something in this space yesterday that I try really hard to teach my girls not to do. I did it unintentionally, but I wanted to use today to correct it. Yesterday’s post was about “the popular girls.” I had a reader gently point out to me that just because a girl is popular, … Continue reading »

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Navigating the Political Melee

My younger daughter ran for student council representative for her class last week. She ended her speech with the words, “I’m C______ Fairchild, and I approved this message.” Clearly, someone has seen and heard too many political advertisements. Doesn’t it seem like we’ve all seen and heard too many of those? And it’s only September. … Continue reading »

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