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summer fun

Living Summer Day by Day

My kids got out of school last Thursday, and we left town for the Indy 500 that afternoon. We got home yesterday, which makes this the first real day of summer my kids have had. My younger daughter is currently lazing around in her pajamas, and my older one is still asleep (and probably will … Continue reading »

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Where Did Summer Go?

It’s the middle of June, and I’m still waiting for summer to start. My kids have been out of school for a month, and we’ve yet to make it to the pool. We’ve had very few days where we can sleep in. We haven’t had a lot of lazy days at home. This summer so … Continue reading »

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Getting Ready for Summer

Today is our first official day of summer. My girls finished school on Thursday, but this is the first day we’ve been home since then. Usually by now, I have our whole summer mapped out. I know what behaviors and attitudes I want to focus on. I know what activities we’re going to do. I … Continue reading »

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Lessons from a Kindness Scavenger Hunt

Friday night, we finished off our Button Project summer adventure with a kindness scavenger hunt. All summer, we’ve been doing activities with my girls and their friends that focus on how small acts of kindness can make a difference in another person’s life. Our scavenger hunt consisted of 20 items, most of which were random … Continue reading »

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First Friday: When Summer Showers You With Potting Soil

I remember the day the sprinkler-in-his-head giraffe came to live at our house. Well, I sort of remember.  Okay, so maybe not the day.  But I think I can at least name the season. Fall? Winter? Or was it Christmas? Mercy. Okay, so I overstated. I actually only remember some non-summery, non-spring time of the … Continue reading »

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What Does Summer Look Like?

We had our first official at-home day of summer break yesterday — and it did not go well. After 10 days of being constantly entertained during our vacation, my girls had a hard time settling into a routine. I always forget how difficult these first few days of summer are for everyone. I work from … Continue reading »

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Jello Fight

  I’m taking some time off this week to attend our annual family reunion. This is one of my all-time favorite summertime ideas. It’s messy. It’s fun, and it teaches a great lesson. Enjoy this post and I’ll be back on Monday. We were on vacation with my extended family. For the first time, all … Continue reading »

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The Button Project: How One Button is Changing the World

Today is the last day of school and the first day of our summer adventure. Every year, I do a themed program with my girls and four of their friends. You can read about some of our past adventures here. This year, our summer adventure is called The Button Project, and we’d love to have … Continue reading »

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Getting Ready for Summer

Is it Friday yet? It’s been a long week around here, and it’s only Wednesday. I’m not just ready for Friday, I’m ready for the school year to be over. I’m ready for the lazy days of summer. I’m ready to get my kids home so I can work on building them up and regaining … Continue reading »

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Friday Introduction: Making Each Day a Celebration (Celebrate Every Day With Me)

Celebrations are part of life. Yet we tend to limit them to special occasions. I recently ran across Kristen Summers blog, Celebrate Every Day With Me, where she encourages us to celebrate all the time. She was gracious enough to agree to guest post for us today. I know you’ll enjoy her post and her … Continue reading »

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