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First Friday

Something to Sing About

I could hear her saying something as I buckled the baby into the shopping cart. Okay, so it was actually more like yelling but bless it if I could even tell. I had totally crossed over into the Mom-Zone. You know, the place where the world could be ending but all you hear is the … Continue reading »

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Jesus, Please…

Life around here has been a bit of doozy. You know that tummy-twirling ride where you spin and spin and spin and the floor drops out? Yeah, that’s pretty much our summer. And the grand total of my contribution to my children’s spiritual and educational enrichment? My mad skills and ability to push play on … Continue reading »

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Beautiful Together

Her sweet little hand grabbed tightly onto mine as she brought a piece of paper right up to my nose and said proudly, “This is me and you, Mommy. You are making me all better.” “From what?” I asked. “From this, of course,” as she shoved a little thumb in my general direction and pointed … Continue reading »

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First Friday: Everyday Love

Once upon a time, I thought that married love would be all flowers and chocolate and candlelight. I just knew that the perfect man would sweep me off my feet and provide me with a lifetime of romantic gestures and happily-ever-afters. But then I actually got married. And aside from the chocolate part (my love … Continue reading »

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No Matter What

This post may contain affiliate links. Ah, the charming family dinner. I am sure somewhere, someone is having one. Riveting conversations. People who sit at the table. Food that is actually consumed. But here? Eh. Take the other night, for example. When somewhere in between bouncing the baby on my knee and trying to avoid … Continue reading »

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Something Precious

I have a mommy confession. Wait. Scratch that. It’s more like I have a mommy obsession. Every fall, I find myself in valiant pursuit of that one precious all-the-children picture. And every year, there is one backdrop that has never let me down… The Weston Red Barn Farm. It’s rustic and charming and surrounded by … Continue reading »

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First Friday: Sending the Bully Home

“Mommy, I am being bullied…and it is hurting my heart…” I couldn’t tell you what exactly drew my gaze as she spoke those words. Perhaps it was the look in her big brown eyes.  Perhaps it was the crazy, adult verbalization from a 3-year-old who is normally good with a loud scream.  Perhaps it was … Continue reading »

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Miracles Do Happen

The first Friday of every month, I turn this space over to my friend Sara Cormany. She writes from her heart about motherhood and chasing after Jesus. I don’t know if all of you know her story, but in the past few years, Sara has gone through a number of health issues, including stroke and … Continue reading »

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First Friday: Remember When You Were Awesome

The longer I live, the more I realize why Jesus thinks little kids are the bee’s knees. In a world that is cynical, cold and obsessed with junk, it’s our kids that rock the norm. Not only do these tiny peeps live on the brighter side of life. But warmth also spews out of them. … Continue reading »

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First Friday: More Than Crumbs

My darling eldest girl has a penchant for the dramatic. And I’ll freely admit my part in it. My side of the family most definitely has DNA code written for the stage. My brother. My sisters. My mama. D to the N to the A. And as for moi? Forget about it. I not only … Continue reading »

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