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Author Archives: Lori

5 Ways to Get Your Kids Reading the Bible

A couple of weeks ago, I was encouraging my younger daughter to read her Bible. “But it’s so big. And it’s boring,” she said. The Bible is a tough book for our kids to tackle. It is big, and, really, Exodus and Leviticus are pretty hard to slog through, even for an adult. But the … Continue reading »

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What a Difference a Year Makes

At this time last year, I was feeling like a pretty horrible parent. My younger daughter was struggling with some basic character issues and my older daughter still hadn’t found her spot in middle school. It was a tough place to be. We had two pretty unhappy children, and two bewildered and frustrated parents. My … Continue reading »

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When You Miss Easter

Easter kind of snuck up on me this year. My daughter’s birthday was on Good Friday. I’ve been battling an infection for the past two weeks, and I’ve been swamped with work. I’ve burned the candle at both ends, and Easter just appeared as an afterthought. We didn’t dye Easter eggs. We didn’t read the … Continue reading »

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A Birthday Prayer for My 11-year-old

Eleven years ago today, our world changed forever. It was just after midnight on Good Friday that our second daughter was placed in our arms. We had no idea what an adventure life with her would be. So, today, on her 11th birthday, I wanted to share with you my prayer for her. A Birthday … Continue reading »

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Easter Reminders: The Cross and the Stone

I wrote this post a couple of years ago, but its message resonates today. Always remember that the cross and the stone must go together because one without the other means very little. A cross and a stone. Those are the images of Easter. One represents death. The other life. Without one, there is no … Continue reading »

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Your Kids Aren’t Like Anyone Else’s Kids

My younger daughter brought home a ceramic fish that she made in art class the other day. For a 10-year-old’s pinch pot fish, it looked really good. She spent a few minutes telling me all about the details of her fish. One thing she said struck me. “He’s not perfect. I did that on purpose. … Continue reading »

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3 Things That Matter Most in Parenting

I took my older daughter to St. Louis this weekend for a soccer tournament. Her team lost the game that decided who would go to the finals. After two great games, they really didn’t play well in the last game. I took home a frustrated and sore young lady. As we were making the four-hour … Continue reading »

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What Are You Feeding Your Kids?

Yesterday at my moms’ group, we were talking about how to teach your kids about God. Most of the girls at my table have younger children than mine, so the talk revolved around story Bibles and object lessons. We did a lot of those things when the girls were younger, and they made an impact. … Continue reading »

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Don’t Wait

I believe in the power of words. Words can help and heal or they can hurt and harass. It’s up to us which one they do. On Sunday, the lesson in the middle school service was about the power of words to help and encourage other people. It’s an important lesson for all of us. … Continue reading »

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Grace and Love in a Lolaloopsy Cup

A friend of mine brought me a party on Thursday. She brought cookies, pink polka dot napkins, a Lolaloopsy cup with a striped straw (for the milk to go with my cookies), a princess tiara, and some Mardi Gras beads to dress me up. She didn’t bring me a party because it was my birthday … Continue reading »

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