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Author Archives: Lori

The Teen Years Don’t Look Like I Thought They Would

The other day, a boy told my older daughter that she’s beautiful. I don’t disagree with the sentiment, and I like the boy. But when I heard that, I looked at my daughter, and I wondered where the days went. I wonder when this young lady standing in front of me grew up. I wonder … Continue reading »

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Why We Shouldn’t Fight Our Kids’ Battles for Them

A couple of weeks ago, my older daughter chose to have a very difficult conversation with her soccer coach. She was struggling on the field, and she felt like if her coach made a few changes in the way he was coaching her that it would make a big difference in how she played. But … Continue reading »

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Beautiful Together

Her sweet little hand grabbed tightly onto mine as she brought a piece of paper right up to my nose and said proudly, “This is me and you, Mommy. You are making me all better.” “From what?” I asked. “From this, of course,” as she shoved a little thumb in my general direction and pointed … Continue reading »

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What Defines Your Child?

If you’ve read this blog for very long at all, you know we’re a sports family. Both girls are heavily involved in sports, and they take up a big chunk of our time and budget. I love that my girls play sports. I truly believe that being on a team and competing has huge benefits … Continue reading »

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Raising an Introvert in an Extrovert World

My older daughter is an introvert in the truest sense of the word. She draws her energy from being alone. Interacting with other people is an incredible drain on her energy. And the thought of having to address a problem situation or be a part of conflict is horrifying on a scale that is almost … Continue reading »

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What You Should Expect from Your Kids

Expectations. They’re the root cause of so many frustrations in life. We expect one thing, and we get another. And we’re disappointed. How many times have you sat at a sporting event for one of your kids and been disappointed that your kid was checking out the pretty butterfly instead of scoring the winning goal? … Continue reading »

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When Your Child Struggles

I hate watching my kids struggle. I hate watching the tears roll down their faces. I hate watching them put everything they have into doing something well, and it’s still not enough. But sometimes that’s what I need to do. I need to watch. When my kids struggle, my first instinct is to step in … Continue reading »

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A Birthday Prayer for My 12-Year-Old

My younger daughter turns 12 tomorrow. I have no idea where the time has gone, but watching her grow up is one of the great joys of my life. This child has taught me so much. She has challenged me in ways I didn’t know I could be challenged. And she has always shown me … Continue reading »

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What Do You Need to Succeed?

I’ve been learning a lot about success from my older daughter this week. I wrote last week about how soccer has been a rough go this season. She changed coaches. She’s been hurt. She’s struggling to pick up everything new she needs to know to compete. And this weekend it all came to a head. … Continue reading »

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Everyday Truth: The Book

I’ve often been asked when I was going to write another book. The truth is I already had one written. That book you see at the top has been sitting on the back burner, just waiting its turn to be published. I’m not really sure why it took me so long to put it out … Continue reading »

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