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Author Archives: Lori

When Your Child Hurts

There’s very little that’s worse for a parent than to watch their child when they are in pain. The pain can be physical or emotional. It doesn’t matter; it still hurts to watch. To see your child struggle and to know that there’s nothing you can offer except a hug and a prayer leaves you … Continue reading »

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The Power of Friendship

I wrote this post on Monday about how much our kids need friendships that are more than surface deep and focus on the important things. I had no idea that on Tuesday I was going to get to watch just how powerful those friendships can be. I took my older daughter to the doctor yesterday … Continue reading »

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What I Want Most for My Kids

My older daughter got home at 11:30 last night. It was 12:15 before she got to bed. And it was a school night. It’s a rare night that I let my daughter stay up past midnight on a school night. She was exhausted this morning, but a picture is worth a thousand words. This photo … Continue reading »

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When They’re Not Little Anymore

My older daughter goes to the 8th grade dance tonight, that all-American rite of passage where the girls stand on one side of the gym and the boys stand on the other. It doesn’t really bother me that she’s going to the dance. I’m not really concerned about the whole boy-girl thing at this point. … Continue reading »

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Game-Day Verses

My older daughter hurt her ankle playing soccer back in October. When I took her to the doctor, the doctor said “Wow, her foot is really bruised.” My daughter answered, “No, that’s Sharpie.” You’re probably wondering why my daughter’s foot was covered in Sharpie. It’s because every game day, she writes on it. She chooses … Continue reading »

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It’s OK to Be Ordinary

We were in the car on the way home and the song “We Are Young” by Fun came on the radio. I heard the lyrics “We are young so let’s set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun,” and I started thinking. I turned 40 in June, and I don’t think … Continue reading »

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Why We Should Stop Telling Moms to Enjoy Every Moment

I was in Aldi with both my girls the other day. My older daughter stepped on my shoe for the third time in the store. I turned around and said, “Will you please stop walking on my feet!” As soon as I was done speaking, another mom with two young girls looked at me and … Continue reading »

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When You’re Not Ready

My older daughter is 13 1/2. She goes to high school next year. So far, this teenager thing hasn’t been too bad, but changes are coming that are going to make parenting her a bit more challenging. In six months, she can get her driving permit (because in our state, we think it’s a good … Continue reading »

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Goals for a New Year

This post may contain affiliate links. You may have noticed that for the past year, things have been a bit slow around here. I don’t post nearly as frequently as I did when I first started blogging. The truth is that in the past year, God has called me to be more present at home. … Continue reading »

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No Matter What

This post may contain affiliate links. Ah, the charming family dinner. I am sure somewhere, someone is having one. Riveting conversations. People who sit at the table. Food that is actually consumed. But here? Eh. Take the other night, for example. When somewhere in between bouncing the baby on my knee and trying to avoid … Continue reading »

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