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Author Archives: Lori

Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Parenting

A little over 12 years ago, I sat in a doctor’s office and was presented with the fact that the baby I was holding in my arms shouldn’t be here. I was told that 99% of babies with her particular health issues miscarried before they were born. In the weeks that followed, as a young … Continue reading »

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Parenting Takes Faith

My older daughter leaves tomorrow morning to spend a week in Ecuador on a mission trip. I’m excited for her to go, but this trip that we’ve been planning for nine months has suddenly become a huge leap of faith. You see, our summer has not gone the way we planned. My super healthy 14-year-old … Continue reading »

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These Moments are Precious

For the second time in six weeks, I sat in a doctor’s office with my older daughter and had a doctor look at me and say something like “If we don’t treat this correctly, it could kill her.” When you hear that statement once, it’s an eye-opener. When you hear it six weeks later for the second … Continue reading »

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Lessons from Teenagers on Friendship

Most of you know that earlier this month, my older daughter spent four days in the hospital with meningitis. I blogged about the change in perspective it brought here. While we were in the hospital, though, I learned something else. I knew my daughter had some great friends. I knew that they enjoyed all the … Continue reading »

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The Measure of Success

I turn 41 today. And to be honest, I’m having a really hard time with this birthday. I didn’t have any trouble at all with turning 40 last year. I’ve always had the opinion that age is just a number. But this year, I think I’ve let the world’s definition of success creep in and … Continue reading »

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A Change in Perspective

We’ve had a rough start to summer around here. My older daughter spent the first week of June in the hospital with meningitis. It was a long, scary week that fortunately for us ended with a healthy kid. But I discovered during the past two weeks that there’s nothing like a sudden crisis to put … Continue reading »

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A Birthday Prayer for My 14-Year-Old

The child who made me a mom turns 14 today. I’m not really sure where the years have gone. It’s hard to believe the amazing young lady standing in front of me today is the same pixie-haired, wide-eyed toddler of just a few years ago. She has become a young lady that I am proud … Continue reading »

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When Parenting Just Stinks

Sometimes, being the parent just stinks. Watching your kids walk through difficult circumstances, watching their hearts break, watching their dreams shatter — none of that is fun. My mom once told me that something I was going through hurt her more than it hurt me. I didn’t believe her then. But after doing this parenting … Continue reading »

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Living Summer Day by Day

My kids got out of school last Thursday, and we left town for the Indy 500 that afternoon. We got home yesterday, which makes this the first real day of summer my kids have had. My younger daughter is currently lazing around in her pajamas, and my older one is still asleep (and probably will … Continue reading »

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The Teen Years Don’t Look Like I Thought They Would

The other day, a boy told my older daughter that she’s beautiful. I don’t disagree with the sentiment, and I like the boy. But when I heard that, I looked at my daughter, and I wondered where the days went. I wonder when this young lady standing in front of me grew up. I wonder … Continue reading »

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