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Author Archives: Lori

A Reminder to Be Intentional

My older daughter is at camp this week with our church’s middle school group. She’s gone for five days with no phone. Our only contact with her is pictures that her leaders are posting on Instagram. She looks like she’s having a blast. Both girls were gone a couple of weeks ago for a week … Continue reading »

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Make Time to Listen

I took my older daughter to the Sporting KC exhibition match against Manchester City last night. It was just her and me. During halftime, I looked at her and said, “When was the last time just you and I did anything together?” She smiled and shrugged. Truth is, though, that it’s been a while since … Continue reading »

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What Do You Say When Someone Else’s Failure Affects Your Kids?

One of the pastors at our church resigned this week due to a moral failing. Unfortunately, this is a road that my husband and I have walked before. But this is the first time we’ve had to explain it to our kids. After a fun weekend at the lake, we chose to use our time … Continue reading »

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We All Make Ripples

I attended a standing-room only event yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t a soccer game. It wasn’t a hockey game. It wasn’t a concert. It was a funeral for a 9-year-old girl. I hadn’t known this little girl long. In January, I started teaching writing at a local homeschool enrichment program, and this girl was one of … Continue reading »

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Is Your Marriage on the Back Burner? (Or How Doctor Who Reminded Me Why I Love My Husband)

“Are you crying?” my husband asked as the tears streamed down my face. Sniff. “Yes.” I mean who wouldn’t cry when the Doctor and Rose have just been separated forever? (Yes, we’re nerds, and yes, we were watching Doctor Who. We’re a bit late to the Whovian party and just finished up season 2.) “You … Continue reading »

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Can I Invade My Child’s Privacy?

I was listening to talk radio yesterday when I heard this story about a teenager who was being blackmailed with a nude photo she had sent to someone she had only met online. I immediately thought, “Here’s one more thing to talk to my girls about.” The Internet and its surrounding technology has brought some … Continue reading »

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Love in a Green Coffee Cup

My dear friend Sara Cormany, who posts here on the first Friday of every month, said goodbye to her dad for the final time last week. In honor of her dad, I want to re-run this beautiful post Sara wrote back in February. Please keep Sara and her family in your prayers as they deal … Continue reading »

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Just Tired

I have the only child in the world who can go to bed uninjured and wake up injured. My older daughter walked into the kitchen this morning and said, “My shoulder hurts really bad.” I almost lost it right then. After some discussion, we decided she probably slept on it wrong and pinched a nerve. … Continue reading »

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The Root of Meanness

Yesterday I finally got rid of a migraine that had lasted for three days. The weather has gone from sunny to stormy pretty quickly the last couple of days, and the changing barometer nearly always causes a migraine.  I felt really crummy because the weather was making my arthritis in my knees act up, too. … Continue reading »

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The Value of a New Game

This post contains affiliate links. We got a new game the other day. It’s called Kan Jam Game Set. The game is played in teams of two. One person throws the Frisbee and that person’s teammate tries to bat the Frisbee into a large can. It sounds simple, but it’s a lot harder than it … Continue reading »

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